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Project Management 

pmXperts, Inc. provides highly experienced program managers and project managers with the leadership capabilities to successfully guide, manage and support high-visibility initiatives. We have the flexibility and talent to accommodate your resource needs.


Contract Management 

pmXperts, Inc. provides highly experience government contracting specialists to help your company with government bids, contract negotiations, contract transition, change management and litigation support and leadership.


Technology + Tools

pmXperts works hard to ensure our team understands industry standards and has the knowledge to use the tools on hand such as Deltek, Oracle and Microsoft. These tools are used hand in hand with expert configuration, implementation, organization and risk assessment. With a few key facts about any project we can assess the needs and develop the right designed and custom plan.  


Project Controls 

pmXperts, Inc. provides the full suite of project controls services for government contracting including estimating, scheduling, and earned value management. We provide expert services using Oracle Primavera P6 and Deltek Cobra and various estimating programs.


pmXperts' dedicated team of professionals has the skills and knowledge to use data to accurately predict and advise on the best plan with management to offset any unsatisfactory results. This enables the project to have little to no negative impacts in the time and costs. Our team enacts a plan that produces a widely productive and lucrative Integrated Baseline Review (IBR) and is hands on from the beginning. pmXperts specializes in documenting change, recovering from deviations and provide the top notch solutions to any project.


Our team is proficient in the performance measurement baseline (PMB) which provides a standard for all major collaborators to analyze and assess the performance of the project while enabling our specialists to foresee any issues that may arise. At pmXperts we know that projects can and will change at any moment; that is why our dedicated professionals are always one step ahead by using top of the line forecasting techniques, analyzing the potential questions and outcomes, communicating and keeping record of every step to ensure that the project stays on budget and goal.


pmXperts dedicated team is prepared for schedule changes, baseline adjustments and can handle any requests internally or externally. Our system requires consistent, rigorous and effective steps by each and every team member to produce a seamless process and success for any project. Our team is qualified and has the skills needed to produce a result that everyone is pleased with.


Schedule + Plan 

pmXperts provides top of the line specialists who carry out and execute comprehensive plans and schedules.  Our specialists start with developing high quality proposals, work to create a performance measurement baseline and see that the plans lead to contract closure. pmXperts' staff are integrated into and support all aspects of the project. Our project controls staff are highly knowledgeable and skilled in Primavera P6, Deltek Cobra, and MS Office to implement in any project.


Our specialists lead and provide day-to-day support to spot risks head on and early in any project. We develop planning strategies to ensure the plan is executed and ahead of schedule. pmXperts' organization of our team provides structure and allows for successful baseline procedures to enhance the foundation of any project to ensure that the overall goal has been achieved. Our specialists are always one step ahead by assessing forecasts, staying on task and surveying the progress which leads to capturing actuals.


Our team recognizes that through rigorously examining and processing the statement of work and organizational requirements we can ensure that all stakeholders and staff are fully engaged in the technical scope, schedules and cost analyses. This helps our team create the lowest risk and highest executable baseline plan. pmXperts works diligently to create a visible structure of clear chain of command from IMP to IMS execution, which empowers stakeholders and all involved a way to confirm advancement towards the contract objective.


Validate + Support 

 pmXperts' specialists are highly skilled and knowledgeable in order to support and execute the following:

-Supply an EVMS scorecard system that calls attention to the systems modifications and any upgrades proposed to meet the EIA-748 32 guidelines

-Produce an in depth milestone plan showing when the system will reach EVMS compliance

-Thoroughly educate the application to subcontractors and describe the EIA-748 compliance with EVMS the project holders will execute during the project

-Generate a high leveled scheduled that details a timeline of events to reach government validation of EVMS 


Earned Value Management 

Often the contracts are within the validation threshold and are required to have EVMS certifications for contractors to understand and act with the compliances by the EIA-748 guidelines. pmXperts' EVMS certification leads through an in-depth, step by step process to meet the requirements and guidelines. Our dedicated professionals can also help develop and integrate an EVMS support plan alongside any proposal.

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